Easy To Follow Tips To Stay Positive At Work

To be positive it is very important to first understand what does being positive actually imply? People misunderstand the entire concept of positive thinking. Being positive does not mean that you have to be smiling and happy 24/7. That is impossible, you can’t be happy when you have just lost your greatest deal of your business. But, instead of mourning over the loss you can gather yourself and work towards what can be done next? That’s positive thinking.  Positive thinking is about embracing life’s challenges with a positive standpoint.  When it comes to work life, it does have a great impact on your overall performance and success.

The competitive world demands you to be on your toe always, deadlines have to be met, requirements need to be fulfilled, and among all this chaos, you might be wondering how to stay positive? To help you out, here are a few tips that will help you to stay positive in your work and become more productive at what you do.

  1. Constant Learning

    “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”- Abraham Lincoln. To excel in your work you need to sharpen your skills and for that you need to constantly learn and update yourself with the latest trends and technology in your field. Being knowledgeable about your field gives you a sense of confidence and boosts your morale. It will help you to become more efficient at your work and ultimately will make you more positive towards your work.

  2. Help Others

    Help your colleagues. Share your knowledge with your co-workers. There is nothing more rewarding and positive than being at service to others, helping others when they are stuck.

  3. Breathe in Positivity

    Now this is the easiest one. Take a few deep breaths at regular intervals. While we are engrossed in work, we tend to shallow breath. Deep breaths help in getting more oxygen into your body system and to your brain. This refreshes the brain, which in reverse helps in refreshing your mood.

  4. Connect with positive people at work place

    Interact more with positive people at work. Connect with people who are less into gossiping and wasting time and more into discussing intellectual topics. With whom you can have creative and productive discussions not only about work, but also about your other interests.

  5. Rendezvous with your positivity Triggers

    Take a few minutes off from your hectic work schedule and try to tune into your positive self. Listen to a song you love or read a few pages of a book of your liking. Indulge into an activity that will help you to relax and distress. This dose of break is very important to help you rejuvenate and freshen your mind.

  6. Set attainable goals

    Set realistic goals at work place. It is very important to set attainable goals. Otherwise, you will always be stressed out. Not being able to achieve your goals will also affect your mental peace

  7. Mindful meditation

    You can practice mindful meditation even at work. Practicing mindfulness helps you to become more aware of your surroundings. This will bring a sense of calmness inside you and will help you to be more positive and vibrant.

Most importantly, to stay positive be grateful for what you have. The magic of gratitude works for everything, whether it is your personal life or professional one. Being thankful for what you have that includes even your job, will change your outlook towards your work and will make you more positive towards it.

Ashwini Kumar

Ashwini Kumar

Ashwini Kumar assumed the role of Assistant Vice President for Far Shore Operations in Sept 2016 with the responsibility for Etech India (Vadodara and Gandhinagar) and Jamaica (Montego Bay) center’s. His directive is to continue enhance the alignment between our clients’ and market needs to Etech’s capabilities from a people, process and performance perspective driving One Etech culture.

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