Using Speech Analytics to Enhance Human Experiences

Speech analytics technology is revolutionizing many critical processes in contact centers. With the ability to identify customer behavioral patterns, current trends, and actionable insights from customer interactions, speech analytics positively influences customer and agent experiences.

The data generated through speech analytics optimizes different call center processes including customer engagement, product evolution, and agent training & coaching. Besides that, it also provides real-time suggestions and alerts to act on the issues immediately. All this put together ensures customer satisfaction with each customer interaction.

Let’s briefly take a look at how speech analytics enhances human experiences.

Role of Speech Analytics in Improving Human Experiences

1. Consistent Performance Improvement

Speech analytics continuously uncovers hidden insights from customer interactions. These insights include competitor mentions, product feedback, and agent training or knowledge gaps. Incorporating these suggestions, feedback, or learnings into agent coaching & training ensures consistent agent performance improvement. Centralizing all this critical information and preparing a knowledge bank empowers data-backed strategic decisions.

2. Increasing Productivity

With the ability to automate redundant tasks, you can free up your call center reps to focus on more strategic and complex issues. Speech analytics identifies areas of self-service opportunities so that technology can take care of mundane tasks, while the agents focus on more strategic interactions. This boosts the morale of the customer service team and improves agent efficiency and overall productivity of the contact center.

3. Real-Time Alerts & Suggestions

Speech analytics analyzes the calls in real-time. It not only analyzes what is said by the customer but also identifies how it is being said i.e. the emotions and customer sentiments. After analyzing the words, phrases, and emotions, AI can provide suggestions to the agents on effective responses to reduce the customer’s frustration or anger.

When organizations monitor customer interactions in real-time, they get instantly notified of compliance violations, performance alerts, and other important notifications. This helps organizations stay ahead.

4. Predictive Analytics

By understanding customer behavioral patterns, including purchasing habits, analytics can accurately predict future demands. These actionable insights improve the operational efficiency of the organization, including supply chain, operations, sales, marketing, etc. All departments can utilize these insights for proper planning, distribution, preventing errors, and reducing unnecessary workflows.

Forecasting and scheduling can be done more frequently to ensure on-time identification and resolution in case of any staffing fluctuation. This will prevent workload and ensure employee and customer satisfaction.

5. Meeting Customer Demands

What’s the first step in ensuring customer delight? To know their requirements and demands. With the help of the voice of customer analytics, organizations can determine the current trends, identify customer demands, expectations, comments, preferences, and fine-tune their customer engagement process.

But how do you successfully implement and use speech analytics correctly within your contact center? Many organizations have burnt their hands while incorrectly using speech analytics technology. To make technology work for you, it is necessary to feed it a lot of meaningful data. Is your organization planning to use artificial intelligence in your call center?

We have recently released a Whitepaper that briefly discusses the impact of AI in different call center processes, the significant role it plays in today’s call center, and how to successfully execute any AI initiative.

You can download the Whitepaper here.

Etech Global Services has played a key role in crafting and implementing speech analytics solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Our team of data engineers and scientists understands our customers’ key challenges and provides them with custom solutions. If you have thought about or are planning on implementing an AI solution to your call center, or want to fine-tune your existing AI technology, feel free to book a FREE CONSULTATION session with our industry experts.


Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias

Shawndra Tobias is Etech’s SVP of Operational Excellence. She has been with Etech since 2000 and has served in various roles, including OSS Reporting Specialist, Account Leader, Project Manager, Sr. Director of Operations and VP of Customer Experience. In her current role, she determines operational strategies by collecting, cleaning, and analyzing interaction data that assists clients in delivering an optimized customer experience and enhanced performance.

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