Why are Millennials choosing Live Messaging over Traditional Communication Channels?

Why are Millennials choosing Live Messaging over Traditional Communication Channels?

Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are unique, in every sense. Being a part of the industrial revolution, this generation has witnessed the transformation from letters to emails, telephones to smartphones, computers to laptops, radios to smart TVs, and so on. As they have grown in a digital and socially networked world, millennials are quite accustomed to technology compared to the older generations. According to Forbes, they are the biggest spenders and cover the most significant consumer demographics in the world.

When it comes to the buying journey of millennials, they always look for smart technology-driven solutions that offers a seamless experience. Millennials don’t hesitate to pay up to 21% more to do business with organizations that provide better and quicker customer service. So, it makes sense that live chat is their most preferred option to communicate with any company.

Why do millennials prefer live chat so much?

Quicker Response

Millennials are unenthusiastic about waiting for hours or even days to get their questions answered. With live chat, they can connect with a customer service agent on the spot. Unlike the typical customer service interaction over the phone, chatting doesn’t require them having to go through the process of listening to a robot ask questions, then entering a sequence of numbers into the phone, only to wait in a call queue before finally getting to speak with an agent.

Omnichannel Experience

A significant reason that millennials prefer live chat is because they can initiate a conversation with a representative on any device. Since gadgets are such a major part of this generation’s livelihood, it makes access to live chat super simple, whether they use a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Fosters Multi-Tasking

Millennials are considered masters of multi-tasking, and live chat ultimately facilitates this. Even though customers may have some wait time during live chat, they can still use this time to work on other tasks on their devices. This allows today’s fastest generation to avert the frustration of waiting around for customer service to answer back.

A Convenient and Comprehensive Option

For millennials, when it comes to instructions, the best approach is often through texts. Agents can instantly share needed information and links throughout live chat sessions. This not only helps customers get real-time assistance but also effectively implements communication with support and technical teams. Overall, the problem-solving process is much more accessible via live chat.

An Immediate Solution

Compared to any other customer service option, live chat has the potential to help customers get solutions to their problems instantly, making it the desired communication choice for millennials expecting faster service. Within minutes or maybe even a few seconds, agents can solve millennials’ problems with live chat, resulting in higher customer satisfaction since they value fast customer service more than any other generation.

Better Buying Decision

Live chat certainly helps customers to make better buying decisions, which is one of the main reasons why millennials prefer it. By having the ability to talk to an agent throughout the purchasing process, buyers can make smarter and well-informed decisions. Research shows that 44% of online customers claim that having their questions answered in the middle of a purchase is one of the best features that a company can offer. Consumers, especially millennials, trust in the brands more that offers live chat than compared to the ones who don’t.

A Globally Acceptable and Affordable Option

Another great thing about live chat is that it has overcome language barriers and international boundaries. Customers can chat with an agent from any part of the world. This is highly attractive to millennials because they can quickly contact an agent of a brand whenever there is a problem or if they have a question about their purchase.

From a customer’s perspective, the traditional methods of telephone support can sometimes be expensive, as it is often associated with overseas charges and call rates. However, since live chat is accessed via the internet, you can use Wi-Fi or your mobile data to speak with customer service agents. As millennials are smart buyers, they prefer this cost-effective interaction that live chat offers.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why live chat is the favorite customer support option of millennials.

Does your brand use live chat to reach millennials? 

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Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds

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