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2Contact Center Services Solution​​​​
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5QEval Corporate Presentation​​​​
6CCW Nashville 2021​​​​
7CCW at Home January 2021​​​​
8CCW at Home August 2020​​​​
9CCW Nashville 2020​​​​
1CX: The Future of Training and Development for the Modern Agent is Here | CCW at Home January 2021​​​​
2Improve Contact Center Agent Performance with Etech’s QEvalPro​​​​
3Etech Quality Monitoring Solution QEval Demo​​​​
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Case Studies & White Papers
1Case Study – Etech Insights Identifies Opportunities Through Actionable Insights​​​​
2Case Study – Understanding VOC, Etech Insights Recommends Best Practices and Analysis​​​​
3Case Study – Defining Sales Techniques with Cross Selling Opportunities to Enhance Sales​​​​
4Case Study - Utilize Actionable Insights to Empower Agents and Assist Customers for After Sales Support​​​​
5Case Study – How Etech Insights Helped a Higher-Education Boost Enrollment​​​​
6Case Study – Higher Education Partner Monthly Report​​​​
7Case Study – Technology and Real Estate Company​​​​
8Case Study – Etech Insights Improves Conversions, Increases Revenue and Reduces Labor Costs​​​​
9Case Study – Etech Insights Improves NPS by 17 Points for Global Automobile Manufacturer​​​​
10Case Study – Etech Insights' Gap Analysis and Action Plan Doubles a Major Travel Client's ROI​​​​
11Case Study: Outdoor Adventure Course Analysis​​​​
12Case Study – Custom Analysis Identifies Effective Rebuttals and Escalation Solutions​​​​
13Case Study – Etech Insights Identifies Opportunities to Improve Conversions and Increase Revenue​​​​
14Case Study: Etech increases MyPlates revenue by beating sales projections and reducing operating costs.​​​​
15Case Study – Competitor Analysis Assists in Market Intelligence Information to Improve Sales for Major Telco Client​​​​
16Case Study: Etech Global Services enhances overall customer experience for major wireless network provider.​​​​
17Case Study – Etech Partners With a Major US Bank to Take Their Customer Acquisition Program to the Next Level​​​​
18White Paper - Improving CX and Contact Center Performance​​​​
19White Paper - Leveraging AI Powered Speech Analytics​​​​
Etech Centers Virtual Tour
1Etech Nacogdoches Center​​​​
2Etech Lufkin Cenetr​​​​
3Etech Dallas Center​​​​
4Etech Rusk Center​​​​
5Etech West Palm Beach Center​​​​
6Etech Jamaica Center​​​​
7Etech Gandhinagar Center​​​​
8Etech Vadodara Center​​​​