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1Reshaping Customer & Agent Experience with Integrated Speech Analytics​​​​
2The CX Strategy: Igniting Performance with Deep Analytics​​​​
1Etech's Integrated CX Analytics & Insights Solution | Frost​​​​
2Introducing QEval Features | Call Center Quality Monitoring Solution​​​​
3QEval Demo - Part 1 | Etech's Call Center Quality Monitoring Software​​​​
4QEval Demo - Part 2 | Etech's Call Center Quality Monitoring Software​​​​
5Voice of Customer Analytics | Etech Insights​​​​
6Your Trusted Advisor for Contact Center Solutions​​​​
7CX: The Future of Training and Development for the Modern Agent is Here | CCW at Home January 2021​​​​
8Etech Journey At A Glance​​​​
9ICE – Live Chat and Email | Demo​​​​
Case Studies & White Papers
1CX | Higher Education Effort & Process Analysis​​​​
2Sales | Telco Promotion ROI Analysis​​​​
3Sales | Airline Reservation Sales Optimization Analysis​​​​
4Sales & CX | Auto Dealership Engagement Optimization Analysis​​​​
5CX | Enrollment and Effort Assesment -Best Practices for Higher Education​​​​
6CX | Higher Education - Agent Performance Diagnostics​​​​
7Sales & CX | Real Estate CX & Performance Optimization​​​​
8Sales| Health & Wellness Esat & CX Analysis​​​​
9CX | Enhancing CX for a Luxury Automobile Manufacturer​​​​
10Sales | Hospitality - Critical Behaviors impact on ROI​​​​
11Churn | 50 in 30 - Outdoor recreation company reduces churn by 50%​​​​
12CX | The Real Story - Mining the voice behind NPS for Energy Retailer​​​​
13Sales | My Plates Cost Reduction & Revenue Increase​​​​
14Sales & Compliance : Major US Bank Improves Conversion & Avoids Compliance Pitfalls​​​​
15White Paper - The CX Strategy - AI Ignites Call Center Performance​​​​
16White Paper - Improving CX and Contact Center Performance​​​​
17White Paper - Leveraging AI Powered Speech Analytics​​​​
18White Paper - How ASR Technology Can Mitigate Risk​​​​
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