Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions

Etech’s solutions has proven to deliver consistent results and outstanding experiences. Committed to adding value and expanding your business growth, Etech’s solutions team always ensures fast resolutions for any of your business challenges using innovative technology and strategic insights. Etech’s call center solutions helps you in reducing operational costs and increase profitability. As your partner, the company invests its resources into the growth and success of your business.

Consumers need to hear from you when they want to and through their channel of choice. Its utmost important these days to have Omni-Channel customer engagement strategy. As a true Omni-Channel provider, Etech promises to engage your customers on the channel of their choice. Etech’s communication solutions include Inbound/Outbound Voice, Live Chat, Quality Monitoring, Tech Support, and Social Media Customer Service. Omni-channel strategy involves giving a consistent and seamless customer experience via technology. Etech’s aim is to offer customers a consistent experience across all the channels, such that they feel like it is a continuation of a previous interaction from whichever channel they initiated their interaction.

By outsourcing your customer engagement needs, Etech will provide personal and memorable experiences to your customer base no matter what channel they choose.


Providing customers with consistent and engaging brand experiences requires the expertise of an innovative partner. With Etech’s 20 years of experience, and over 65 million transactions annually; our Inbound Solutions have the capabilities to effectively manage your customer interactions. As your trusted advisor for remarkable results across multiple inbound engagement channels, we have proven to be effective in Real-time response, personalized interactions, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and ensuring better customer relationships.

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Combining two decades of customer acquisition experience with superior sales methodologies and advanced dialer technology, we deliver performance to enhance your sales revenue and profits overcoming common sales challenges across multiple channels. Etech’s outbound solutions help to drive incremental sales, increase market share and strengthen customer relationships. Your investment in Etech’s outbound services will pay huge dividend in terms of superior customer experience and quality services.

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Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most favorite engagement services among businesses and customers. Etech Global Services is pioneer and industry’s leading expert with live chat services and live chat support programs. For over 20 years, Etech has been helping some of the world’s leading organizations improve their ecommerce and service results through live chat customer service. Etech o­ffers live chat services 24/7/365 through its onshore, near shore and o­ffshore locations.

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Quality Monitoring

Etech Global Services offers BPO quality assurance services to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction as well as gather important business intelligence. Quality Assurance is a must for measuring efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Through our Quality Assurance offering, we assist companies in identifying opportunities and deriving actions to improve their processes, sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

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Tech Support

Etech Global Services offers single and multi-tiered technical support to increase customer satisfaction and gather important business intelligence. Etech Global Services offers technical support services allowing organizations to offer the highest level of service, while lowering costs to their business. Whether you need technical support for mobile phones, computers, televisions, software products or other technical products, we have the experience you can depend on.

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Software Implementation

Etech understands the importance of automated systems for simplifying the day to day operations. With this vision in mind, , the leadership team at Etech began laying the foundation of its Software Development enterprise in the early days of the company. Since that time the mission of the team has been to ensure that Etech is in the forefront of new product research and development and remains focused on continuous improvement.

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