The CX Success Recipe By Shep Hyken

Join customer service expert Shep Hyken as he shares his secret recipe for creating a customer-focused company culture and delivering wow moments in every interaction.

Episode Highlights:

  • The 6 essential ingredients for a customer-centric culture, in the perfect order to bake business success. Shep outlines and shares deeper insights into the steps:

1) Define a clear, concise customer experience vision

2) Communicate it repeatedly

3) Train all employees, not just frontline

4) Leaders must model desired behaviours

5) Keep everyone aligned through coaching

6) Celebrate wins

  • Small consistent actions create big impact over time. Going just 10% above average expectations regularly leads to lasting customer loyalty. It’s about consistently being a little better through actions like using customer names, prompt follow up, and meeting expectations.
  • The power of capturing employee service wins. Have team members write down examples of moments of magic they personally create each week to build awareness. This builds commitment to the vision.
  • Why you can’t train once and be done. Consistent reinforcement is key to baking in a culture. Treat it like flossing – do it all the time. Training must be ongoing through huddles, refreshers, highlighting comments.
  • Serving the internal customer well. Giving support agents the tools to efficiently find answers means they can better focus on the human connection. Emerging technologies like AI can provide agents with customer data and suggested responses.
  • Why satisfaction scores don’t cut it. Customers that are merely “satisfied” or think you’re “fine” aren’t emotionally connected and will leave for something better. Aim higher, for amazement.

Whether you’re a customer service leader looking for ways to step up your game, or a CEO wanting to improve experiences across your entire organization, this insightful episode will leave you energized and equipped with practical tips to wow customers.

Tune in now to pick up time-tested recipes for customer success directly from one of the top customer service experts in the industry. You’ll walk away with new inspiration and ideas to delight customers and drive loyalty.

P.S. – Don’t miss Shep’s secret family BBQ sauce recipe as a bonus.


Shep Hyken – Chief Amazement Officer, Shepard Presentations, LLC

Follow on LinkedIn | Learn more about him: Click here

Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Service

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