The Human Touch in a Tech-Driven World: Striking the Balance for Optimal Experiences

In a world increasingly influenced by technology, how do businesses deliver exceptional human-centric experiences for both customers and employees? Join us as we explore how businesses can harness the power of technology while preserving the personal connection that defines exceptional experience. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Training for Technology: What are the best practices for equipping staff with the skills to balance technology and human connection? 
  • Maintaining Human Connection: What strategies can leaders employ to foster meaningful connections between team members, even as companies scale and evolve? 
  • Adapting Customer Service Models: With AI and automation on the rise, how can businesses tailor their customer service approaches to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with customers on a human level? 
  • Critical Leadership Skills: What leadership qualities are essential for championing human-centric experiences and driving organizational success in the digital age? 


Mary Poppen – President, HRIZONS 

Melissa Wood – Dean of Global Leadership Development, Etech Global Service 

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