Voice of the Employee: Building a Contact Center Culture Where Everyone Feels Heard and Valued

In this engaging episode, our experts Melissa Wood and Justin Robbins delve into the importance of giving employees an authentic voice in high-stress, high-turnover environments like contact centers. Discover the transformative power of prioritizing employee voice on key operational metrics and outcomes, including retention, engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

Key Topics Covered: 

  • Impact of Employee Voice: Understand how prioritizing employee feedback can positively affect retention, engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 
  • Best Practices for Listening Strategies: Discover effective methods for deploying both formal and informal feedback mechanisms, from surveys and focus groups to open door policies and town halls. 
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture: Learn about the obstacles and unconscious biases that can hinder a truly inclusive environment and how to overcome these challenges to ensure all voices are valued equally. 
  • Measuring Success: Identify key metrics to track the success of your employee voice initiatives and understand the potential risks and costs of neglecting this crucial aspect of your organizational culture. 

Join us as we explore these critical elements and share insights on how to build a thriving contact center culture where every employee feels heard and valued. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion and discover how you can transform your contact center culture today. 

Meet the Speakers:
Melissa Wood, Dean of Leadership Development, Etech Global Services
Justin Robbins, Founder & Principal Advisor, Metric Sherpa    

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