Effective Teleservices, Inc. Donates to Katrina Relief Fund

September 13, 2005


Effective Teleservices, Inc. (ETI) in Lufkin today gave $2125 to assist in providing financial support to those affected by the mass evacuation from southern Louisiana. Through Saturday, September 10, there were approximately 334 evacuees staying in shelters and hotels in Angelina County.

The donation, in the form of $25 Wal-Mart gift cards, was presented to the Salvation Army on Tuesday Sept. 13th by members of ETI’s community action team. Participating in the presentation were Sean Clay, Elisabeth Stapleton, Linda Spence, Carroll Hoose and Roxanne Oliverez. The gift cards will go directly to evacuees in Angelina County.

This monetary donation follows an overwhelming show of support in the way of clothing, household and personal goods already given by ETI employees. “I think it was great that ETI was able to help some of the victims. I know that everyone here gave what they could” stated Linda Spence from the Community Action Team.

“I was out during most of the fundraising for the evacuees. I came in right at the deadline for DFD donation. I knew that I had to donate. If I would have thought about it longer I would have donated more. These people need it more than we do” said Team Member Sean Clay.

Thanks to all who donated to the Hurricane Katrina fund drive. You really are helping to make a difference in the lives of the evacuees in Angelina County.






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