4 Benefits to Know Before Automating Contact Center Quality Assurance

  • 4 Benefits to Know Before Automating Contact Center Quality Assurance

Did you know that contact centers throughout the United States generate more than 20 billion hours of audio files each year for the purpose of quality assurance? This data reveals that the average U.S. contact center generates more than 300,000 hours of audio recordings annually. It is little wonder that QA staff are often overworked and struggle to maintain high call center quality standards on a consistent basis.

What if you could relieve some of the burden on your QA team by automating much of the contact center quality assurance process? When you automate quality assurance, you will have an easier time avoiding employee burnout in your QA department. Here are four benefits you should know before automating your quality monitoring system in your call center.

1. Data Analysis and Interpretation

When your QA team is expected to process hundreds or even thousands of audio files in a week, they may have to sacrifice accuracy in order to meet their quota. Since accurate call center data is essential for assessing agent performance, you are doing yourself and your agents a great disservice if you overload your QA department and force them to work with an incomplete data set.

When you automate your contact center quality assurance, you can have peace of mind that your performance assessments are based on complete and accurate information. This is because an automated QA program checks every phone call and assesses every interaction between agents and customers. The resulting data will help you understand how well each agent is performing.

Although automated systems are good at providing data, they cannot analyze the data or give you recommendations for improvement. For this reason, it is recommended that you use analytics technology in combination with human services that can interpret the data and provide you with suggestions for improvement.

2. Superior Agent Performance

When agents know that their performance is being assessed accurately and fairly, they are more likely to step up their game. Additionally, when they receive performance feedback quickly, they can focus their efforts on improving certain behaviors and achieving a higher assessment the next time around.

3. Ease of Establishing Performance Trends

No two phone agents are exactly the same in experience and ability, so how do you set realistic performance trends for each one? When you automate quality assurance, you receive regular reports that include information about each agent’s strengths and weaknesses. Once armed with this information, you can determine agent retraining needs and quickly establish performance trends for each agent.

4. Objective Agent Performance Assessments

It can be nearly impossible to achieve unbiased performance assessments when you have one person evaluating another person’s performance. To avoid personal bias on a small or large scale, consider implementing an automated quality monitoring system. Doing so will eliminate subjective performance assessments and deliver reliable results.

While automating your quality assurance processes can provide you with quick and accurate data, it should not be used to completely eliminate your QA department. In order to interpret the data you receive from an automated system, human understanding and recommendations for improvement are essential.

This blog was written by Jim Iyoob, Executive Vice President for Etech Global Services.

For more advice on creating a quality assurance team that drives CX or if you would like to learn more about Etech, feel free to contact us at info@etechgs.com .

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