Etech Global Services: Leveraging Advanced AI for Contact Center Transformation

Etech Global Services: Leveraging Advanced AI for Contact Center Transformation

As a leading innovator in the contact center space, Etech Global Services is excited to showcase our transformative AI-powered solutions at Call Center Campus 2024 in Austin, Texas this May. 

At our booth, you’ll discover how Etech’s suite of intelligent technologies – from speech analytics and simulation training to real-time agent assist – empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences while driving operational efficiency and revenue growth for our clients. 

Keynote: “ Enhancing Contact Center Quality with Speech-to-Text Analytics ” – May 3 – 9:00 – 10:00 AM CST

Don’t miss Etech’s special keynote session. This is your chance to learn how our cloud-based, AI-driven speech analytics platform has helped hundreds of leading enterprises across various industries achieve significant results within 60 days of Implementation: 

  • 15% improvement in contact center capacity 
  • 5% increase in conversion rates 
  • 30% reduction in customer effort 
  • 10% increase in CSAT 

Join Etech at Call Center Campus 2024 

Visit our booth at Call Center Campus 2024 in Austin, Texas this May to experience the power of Etech’s AI-powered solutions firsthand. We’ll be showcasing our latest innovations and demonstrating how we can help you transform your contact center into a competitive advantage. 

Connect with Etech’s Leadership: Meet Etech’s team to discuss your specific challenges and discover tailored solutions. 

Mark Your Calendar: Make Etech Global Services a priority at Call Center Campus 2024. Elevate your contact center operations with our transformative solutions. We can’t wait to see you in Austin! 

Register for Etech’s keynote for an exclusive 10% discount on the passes! 

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Jim Iyoob

Jim Iyoob

Jim Iyoob is the Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. He has responsibility for Etech’s strategy, marketing, business development, IT, program implementation, operational excellence, and product development across all Etech’s existing lines of business – Etech, Etech Insights, ETS & Etech Social Media Solutions. He is passionate, driven, and an energetic business leader with a strong desire to remain ahead of the curve in outsourcing solutions and service delivery.

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