Why is Servant Leadership the Future of Today’s Business Environment?

Why is Servant Leadership the Future of Today's Business Environment?

With the ever-evolving corporate landscape, there is a huge transformation in the way organizations operate, the behavior of team members and leadership tactics. These days, people assuming leadership roles are mostly from Generation X. This generation was born in the 1980s, have witnessed 2008’s global financial crisis, high corporate layoffs, and witnessed toxic leadership styles from their parents, etc. As a result, emerging leaders understand the importance of empathy, as well as serving peers, while leading them.

Why Servant Leadership is the Future?

Currently, many top-ranking companies across the globe have adopted a servant leadership culture, considering the positive influence it has on their team. As mentioned in our earlier blog, servant leaders turn the power hierarchy within a company upside down. The team members are placed at the top, and the leader becomes responsible for leading the company by serving their team members. Servant leadership is built on the principle that if you empower and uplift your team, they will respond with renewed creativity, potential, and purpose. Replacing authority with humility helps to create high team performance and create higher profits for the company.

Here are some of the benefits of servant leadership in today’s business environment.

  1. Higher Productivity

Servant leaders resolve team challenges and help them to consistently deliver their best performance. As we bring a positive influence in our leadership style, we motivate and empower our team members to work more effectively. Servant leadership engages teams, delivering high productivity, which leads to a consistent, productive work environment. If your team becomes successful, you will be successful too!

  1. Reduced Risk of Fraud

After the 2008 global financial crisis, cases of financial frauds in 2009 shook every one of us when many large organizations collapsed and went bankrupt. This was the outcome of consolidated power limited to a few people. We learn from our mistakes, that power shouldn’t be limited to just those at the top, but that the hierarchy should be turned upside down so that we can empower our team members. Transparency and honesty are in demand everywhere, and servant leadership reduces the risk of fraud.

  1. Building Long Lasting Teams

While you empower your team members, motivate them to become productive and deliver consistent performance, you build your organization’s future. With millennials entering the corporate world, retaining them is now more important than ever. They have different needs in the workplace than that of their parents. In a recent survey, Survey Monkey states the top 5 things millennials are looking for at their workplace:

  • Understand who they are
  • Given the opportunity to learn and grow
  • Look for personal engagement opportunities
  • Give them a chance to make a difference
  • Show authenticity and uniqueness

All these requirements can be easily met, while following servant leadership principles at your organization.

  1. Building Cohesive Organizational Culture

Following servant leadership at your organization engages your teams empathetically. Team members become comfortable while expressing themselves to their leader. As a result, they feel empowered, trusted, motivated and remain loyal to the organization. These team members are also ready to go beyond the limits, in order to serve the organization’s principles, and help each other whenever any challenges arise.

  1. Encouraging Innovation

As team members become open to each other, it opens doors for healthy discussions, brainstorming and respecting each other’s viewpoints. Hence, your team will start valuing the new ideas coming from various team members, resulting in a workplace that gives an opportunity to their team members, to make a remarkable difference!

Etech has a unique vision that leads the company to keep team members at the center of everything that we do. We strive to make a difference within the work culture by positively practicing servant leadership and empowering our team members to create a ripple of positivity that spreads into the local community as well.

We believe in being accountable and focused on growth, and we bring these principles with us as we consult with other companies and manage our own. Come and join us to be a part of our remarkable team and be a true servant leader!

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