Tips to Remaining Secure While Working Remotely

Why is security important while working remotely?

In 2022, the obvious need to continue working remotely with the combined risk of cyber threats has led many companies to establish controls that would allow a remote workforce as a permanent fixture. This required taking an in-depth look at not only how to secure individuals that are not within the brick-and-mortar facilities, but how to educate them on proper security etiquette.

Creation of a larger remote workforce brings about a substantially increased threat of information breach. While having proper security measures and controls in place can greatly reduce the risk, the threat (although smaller) remains. The need for a remote employee to comprehend how they manage cybersecurity has never been greater.

Malicious actors are going after the remote workforce and looking for the weak link as they have a much larger playing field of potential targets. When we say that every single employee is part of the security team, it is especially true of a remote worker. Security must always be on your mind. Make no mistake, if you are working remotely, you are a target!

So, if you find yourself working from home or another remote location, you should also be thinking about how to protect your system, private data, the corporate network, client information, etc.

Remote working security risks & tips

We have a few tips on what you can do that will make you a Remote Cybersecurity Champion!

1. Avoid Publicly Provided and Unsecured Wi-Fi

Publicly available Wi-Fi is almost everywhere you go now. Hotels, airports, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc. Accessing public Wi-Fi can be dangerous for several reasons. Malicious actors will hang out on these forums intercepting traffic and may even access your system without your knowledge. When you are in a situation where you are using public Wi-Fi, never expose private information and use a VPN client to connect whenever possible. Always ensure your anti-malware is active and up to date.

2. Always Confirm Your System is Locked When Are Not Using It

When your system is unattended for even a very short timeframe, make sure you lock your screen or simply log out. This keeps anyone from sitting at your console and using your credentials to gain access.

3. Beware Of Shoulder Surfers

You may be surprised at how prominent this tactic has become. An example would be someone standing behind you while you are logging into an ATM machine. Be aware of someone looking over your shoulder when you are dealing with protected information or using credentials to log in somewhere.

4. Never Leave Company or Client Information in Plain Site

You can use the personal credit card analogy here. If you are unsure of where you are physically positioning protected data, would you leave your personal credit card in the same location (possibly even unattended) where it could be picked up or openly viewed by anyone?

5. Always Use Encryption When Sending and Storing Sensitive Information

Encrypting information in storage or while sending via email ensures that if the data is intercepted or accessed by an unauthorized party, it is virtually unusable.

Always communicate with your security and IT teams if:

  • You feel you are being targeted by malicious actors (cybercriminals)
  • You think you may have been compromised or your system has become infected with Malware
  • You receive an email, text, or other communication and you are suspicious of the content and/or sender

Etech Global Services is a global outsourcing solution provider to some of the most well-known brands of the world. With our wide experience in contact center domain, we have established top-notch security measures ensuring fool-proof data security.

Our technology division, Etech Technology Solutions, builds a secure tech stack to safeguard your critical information. Contact Us today to upgrade and secure your organization’s technology landscape.


Ronnie Mize

Ronnie Mize

Ronnie Mize is the Chief Security Officer of Information Technology for Etech Technical Services. Ronnie has been in the technology sector for 20 years and has held technology leadership roles with Microtech America, The Berry Company (a subsidiary of Bellsouth) and Etech. His entrepreneurial background includes extensive experience in technology development and deployment as well as implementation of business processes and defined methodology.

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