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Nacogdoches, TX – November 30, 2016 – Technology is a vital component for service delivery organizations and it is imperative for organizations, like Etech, to integrate automated systems to enhance productivity and efficiency of our day to day operations. Customer Experience (CX) is proving to be the key differentiator for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and is a metric that must constantly be improving in order for businesses to stay relevant..
When searching for valuable customer interaction data, look no further than your contact center. The traditional quality monitoring method with the help of human resources, while still important, limits the data to only a few sampled calls and misses a large volume of calls that have details useful for your businesses’ growth.


With a vision to provide much faster and deeper insights to what customers are saying about your products and services, Etech Global Service has recently partnered with Tethr®.


Tethr®is an intelligent platform that transcribes 100% of your voice conversations to text in real time with the help of voice technology and machine learning and helps discover hidden business opportunities that you never knew, actually existed. Tethr® enables you to identify and replicate the top sales performer behaviors that directly impact sales results and unearths insights to improve your company’s marketing effectiveness.


Tethr® assists its users in gathering Voice of Customer, Voice of Company and sales attributes that have a positive influence on –


  • Sales Effectiveness – Unlock the value within your conversations to drive sales improvements
  • Agent Productivity – Replicate the most effective communication patterns across your sales team
  • Customer Loyalty – Proactively identify and address the issues directly impacting customer loyalty
  • QA productivity – Expands and enhances the work of the existing EMS team, especially in the areas of business insights and customer sentiment analysis


Every business professional is curious where their customer engagement stands and how they can enhance it. These hidden behavioral aspects are derived from your customer interactions using Tethr®. “Artificial intelligence joins human intelligence to address a broader spectrum of client requirements.” said Matt Rocco, Etech’sPresident and Chief Operating Officer.
Tethr®deployment is well underway for many of Etech’s strategic campaigns with already a substantial amount of customer interaction data. Learn more on how Artificial Intelligence, Communication Intelligence, and Machine Learning can help transform interactions into actionable insights.
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Tethr® is a Trademark of CollabIP, Inc.


About Etech Global Services


Etech Global Services is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands. They trust us with their most precious assets: their customers. Why? Because Etech’s commitment to continuous improvement, next-generation technology and growing and empowering our people results in solutions that work. Voice, chat, email, social media, Etech is here to communicate with your customers when and how they choose. For more information:



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