Etech Employees Are Dropping Pounds, Picking Up Cash, and Improving Business!

June 18, 2007


Nacogdoches, TX, June 18, 2007: With statistics showing more than 50% of the U.S. population overweight, and a direct correlation between increased weight and decreased health and work attendance, some Etech employees banned together to find a fun way to support each other in their individual efforts to lose weight, feel better and positively impact their company.


In March, Nancy Bowden, the day receptionist in Etech’s Nacogdoches facility, spearheaded the idea of creating a support group to help herself and others lose weight. This friendly competition has now turned into weight-loss frenzy! “Etech provides an environment that is much like a family”, reports Bowden, “and our leadership team encourages and supports us when we find ways to make life better for any of our team members and company.” Bowden continued, “I had started a diet and wanted to help others, and myself, stick to our weight loss commitments. Each person who joins the competition puts $5 in the pot”, explained Bowden, “and then each week there is a ‘weigh in’ and anyone gaining weight puts in an additional dollar for each pound gained. At the end of the month, the person who loses the most weight wins!”


So how is the program working? Bowden has lost approximately 30 pounds over the course of the competitions, and a total of 233 pounds have been shed so far by Etech employees participating in the program. A third competition is slated to start this week, and promises to be just as successful.


To date, 72 participants went through the two competitions. Big winners for the competition which started on April 2nd were Latonya Wallace, Felicia Mark and Nikisha Hope. Latonya Wallace walked away with a kitty of $253.00 for the 20.5 pounds she lost. Due to the success of the first competition, a second competition started on May 7th. Mark Strange was the first place “loser”, and took home $181.50 while dropping 15.5 pounds. Donna Brown and Nina Wilson also won prizes for their place as second and third biggest losers.


Felicia Mark, a Trainer at Etech shared, “I can’t wait to get to my target weight and go shopping!” “It’s been nice,” she added, “to have people to encourage me and help celebrate my success.” Mark Strange, a Team Leader with Etech commented, “This was a fun way to compete and deal with a serious epidemic! While the ultimate outcome was lost weight – everyone who participated gained confidence and support which benefits our company as a whole.”


About Etech Global Services

Etech is a privately owned company that provides Business Process Outsourcing services for many clients. Established in 1997, Etech is a Tier One preferred provider for several Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications, yellow page publishing, national mortgage, and credit card industries.


Etech is a certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and a designated Corporate Plus member with 1500+ team members in the U.S. and India. High standards of quality, customer service and sales skills make Etech the first choice in providing inbound and outbound sales and service, internet chat, web chat, email fulfillment, and business process outsourcing. Etech is committed to be the employer of choice as evidenced many benefits to it’s team members.




Etech Weight loss winners: Mark Strange, Latonya Wallace, Donna Brown, Felicia Mark, Nikisha Hope, and Nina Wilson




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