Etech Global Services exceeds $1 million in Tuition Reimbursement for Student Employees

Nacogdoches, TX – July 31, 2019 – Etech Global Services, a global provider of outsourced customer support services headquartered in Nacogdoches, Texas paid $23,772 in tuition reimbursement for the spring semester of 2019. Etech has now paid over $1 million in tuition reimbursement since introducing the program in 2003. Most of the tuition reimbursement has been paid to students that attend SFA; however, students from Angelina College and Panola College were also among those receiving reimbursement.


The tuition reimbursement program offered by Etech is one of the best benefits offered according to surveys of their current employees. To participate, the employee goes through a three-part process. First, they enroll for classes and turn in their bill showing the tuition and fees they paid. Second, they attend and pass their classes while maintaining either full or part-time employment at Etech. Lastly, the students then turn in their grades showing that they passed their courses. Once this is complete, the only step left is to attend the reimbursement party and receive their checks.


Brandon Chambers took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program back in 2003 and has been an employee ever since. He has been very successful in the company having served as account leader, director and operations leader. Chambers stated, “Tuition reimbursement was one of the major reasons I joined Etech. Being newly married back in the day, the company paying for my school insured that my tuition costs wouldn’t keep me from pursuing my education. At the same time, I was gaining valuable experience in the customer services industry through my work there.”


Matt Rocco, Etech’s President & CEO added, “The tuition reimbursement program is our way of giving back to our student employees and providing an option to students who otherwise would not be able to take classes. We find that many employees actually choose to continue their education once they see how easy it is to participate in the program. This gives many people in our communities a chance to better themselves who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. This is just one of the many benefits that we provide to our employees, and this is one benefit that keeps on giving as our employees use their education and experience to continue to pursue increasing opportunities presented to them. It is a win for our people, our customers, our company and our communities.”


Veronica Chimney, Senior Vice President of Etech, stated, “We work closely with the Career Services and Student Employment department at SFA. Students that participate in our tuition reimbursement program are some of our best employees. We always look forward to the start of a new semester and the new applicants we will meet. We have a reputation among the students as being a safe, fun, flexible, lucrative place to work. The students receive resume-building experience in addition to above average earnings. While many students come here for tuition reimbursement, they also take advantage of our intern programs, opportunities for advancement and leadership training.”


About Etech Global Services

Etech Global Services, headquartered in Nacogdoches, Texas and with branches in Lufkin, Dallas, Rusk, Texas; West Palm Beach, Florida; Jamaica and India, is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands. They trust Etech with their most precious assets – their customers. Why? Because Etech’s commitment to continuous improvement, next-generation technology, and empowering people results in a solution that drives customer experience and reduces effort. Voice, quality monitoring, chat, social media, and email, Etech is here to communicate with your customers when and how they choose.


Etech believes in making a remarkable difference for their people, customers and communities. Etech’s industry-leading technology services, like Etech Insights division, provide you with analytics and insights into your customer interactions. Etech’s services enable you to enhance customer experience, increase sales results, meet all corporate governance requirements, and obtain a competitive edge over your competition allowing you to increase market share.



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