Etech’s ICE Click to Chat and QEval Marches Ahead with New Upgrades and Features

In an industry that is growing rapidly, Etech works to continually develop features that set it apart in its field. Their mission to constantly adapt and evolve their software, such as the ICE Click to Chat and QEval platforms, help to ensure that they are able to consistently meet each new business’s requirements. The Etech team continuously works toward meeting customer needs as they integrate newly developed features that are sure to help businesses enhance their customer’s experiences. Etech believes that a company’s success relies on its customer’s experiences, realizing that keeping this a priority helps them to stand out and excel over their competition.

With 20+ years of delivering highly successful customer experiences, Etech has implemented beneficial solutions for a variety of businesses. These solutions have proven to be beneficial with reference to enhancing their customer service, sales and support. Many of Etech’s solutions are part of their standard day to day contact center operations. The combination of Etech’s outstanding software and years of experience means that they offer exceptional support in the following areas:

  • Live chat sales and support services.
  • Quality monitoring services.
  • Email Management services have been transformed into product features.
  • Easing the tasks of the call center operations.
  • Help to enhance customer interaction experiences.

In Etech’s most recent releases, they have featured software upgrades to the ICE Click to Chat and QEval platforms. These upgrades include more convenient navigation and easier direct reporting which derives instant strategic insights. These business insights provide companies the ability to make lucrative decisions and change their products or service offers accordingly in order to compete in a variety of business scenarios.

“ICE and QEval are constantly evolving products that have all the needed ingredients for delivering outstanding customer experience.” said Jim Iyoob, Etech’s EVP for Customer Experience and Operational Excellence.

Every business has different needs and evaluation processes. Etech understands this and has created their adaptable software to fit every customer’s needs. Our QEval platform guarantees quick and efficient customization to match each unique business’s requirements. The dynamic reporting functionality of QEval goes well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. Instead, these intelligent reports and collected bits of data are actionable and can help drive agent skill improvement. In recent releases, QEval software has been upgraded to offer the scoring of individual questions as well as the option to set relevant and desired scores for each category. These enhanced features help with detailed scoring and reporting. QEval also added a monthly partner scoring feature in their recent software updates that compare monthly performance trends from each partner by compiling the data into reports for each client to review. This report arms our customers with information that is certain to improve agent skills, enhance customer service and raise sales conversions.

Etech realizes that Smartphones drive over 50% of eCommerce sales, making it necessary for businesses to make their online processes mobile friendly. In order to meet the smartphone demand, Our ICE Click to Chat platform has been redesigned to efficiently function through mobile applications. These additional features will help companies provide effortless chat experiences on the platform of their customer’s choice.

Etech updates their software on a monthly basis; meaning that each business will benefit from enhancements to the ICE and QEval platforms. For more details and free product demos, please contact us:

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