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Whether it be at industry tradeshows, webinars, or a custom presentation, at Etech we understand that presenting actionable data is key. Access some of the latest presentations Etech has shared and see how they can be applied to your business.

Customer Contact Week Austin September 2019 Workshop Presentation

CX Architecture: 5 Steps to Transform Customer Insights

The power of Artificial Intelligence has become a strategic tool for businesses in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Automating that power through a simplified front-end can be one of many transformational milestones of turning unstructured AI data into actionable insights. Learn this, along with other steps to elevate your customer experience, agent performance, consumer loyalty, and brand strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harnessing AI to decode true customer sentiments
  • Uncover personalization opportunities to enhance customer conversion and retention
  • Recognize the power and value of Customer Experience through Human Intelligence
  • Analyze the customer journey to understand customer experience at every touchpoint
  • Driving Customer Growth with Insights – driven personalized conversations

Customer Contact Week June 2019 Workshop Presentation

Utilize Customer Insights to Define Strategies that Improve Training and Coaching Effectiveness

An effortless customer experience is often the only thing between your customer and the door. Customer Experience is one of the most talked about opportunities in today’s marketplace, and the reason is simple – organizations that focus on customer experience have happier customers, reduced churn, and increased revenue, all leading to higher profits. Businesses with an excellent omnichannel CX have a 56% higher customer retention rate when compared to organizations that have weak strategies. Join Etech’s workshop to learn more about how actionable business and developmental insights will enhance your performance strategies!

Key Takeaways:

  • Why organizations should focus on CX and how they can improve it
  • How Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence together transform unstructured data into actionable information
  • How organizations can use HI and AI to empower coaches, trainers, and automated processes
  • Synergy of human collateral and bots

Outsource to Jamaica_ Innovation & Process Improvement in Outsourcing

Innovation & Process Improvement for better Customer experience

Today’s consumers need more than good products and good prices. They demand it. They want services fast, they want it efficient, and they want it their way. To be successful and create loyal customers in today’s environment, consumers look for effective omni-channel providers as that allows the consumer to engage in the channel of their choosing, essentially meaning vendors need to be everywhere, all the time. Technology is enabling us both as consumers and providers to better fill this need however some are still trying to adapt to this advancement and not just offer the service, but offer them in an exceptional Customer Experience manner.
Learn why listening to the customer and providing customer experience is an integral part of today’s business landscape and learn how Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence is one of the most vital components in Etech’s session on April 11, 2019, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Customer Contact Week January 2019 Workshop Presentation

“Professor Customer: Empower Your Customer to Teach You CX Delivery they Deserve”

When customers choose to give a particular brand their business, they generally have several options. Companies should never lose sight of the fact that their customers are choosing them. Empowering customers makes them feel like valued individuals. What do your customer’s need? The customers put in “High-effort experience”. Customers need to feel that brands go beyond merely delivering products or services and truly value their customers’ feelings and experiences with the brand they support. In today’s era, contact center’s attempt to improve the customer experience, where customer loyalty remains flat because service quality initiatives ignore the primary driver of disloyalty. Artificial Intelligence has some viable users in the contact center sphere that managers can employ to improve their customer experience and the efficiency of call centers. With AI still being a young technology, some people are not familiar with how it works. But how to make sure what valuable information should be shared with your customers? In this interactive workshop, learn how without human intelligence, the results derived would give no insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is Customer Experience
  • How to approach implementing Customer Experience today?
  • Human Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence
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