What are the Best Customer Experience Trends Your Brand Needs to Watch for in 2021?

By |2021-07-08T08:22:43-06:00July 8, 2021|

We have already passed the first quarter of 2021 and if your brand has not yet started preparing for your customers’ changing expectations in the New Year, you are missing the boat!

What are the 5 Major Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2021

By |2021-10-07T10:25:41-06:00May 31, 2021|

With the buzzword digital transformation becoming more popular, during ongoing uncertain times of the pandemic and increasing use of computerized systems having a lack of appropriate cybersecurity infrastructure, there is a steep rise in the cyber-attacks.

Why is Effective Quality Monitoring the Secret to Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience?

By |2021-05-22T14:54:13-06:00April 26, 2021|

Call quality monitoring is the key to understanding customer experience and is also the most crucial element in identifying trends in customer expectations. While this may have always been an underlying goal of most call quality monitoring, accurately measuring customer experience has been quite challenging. If we look back to the past, we will see that the early call monitoring efforts focused on improving call quality through improved team members’ consistency and call handling. But that only helped companies develop call quality criteria which measured compliance with internal processes and policies, not necessarily translating to a better customer experience.

How to Become a Preferred Brand of Choice for Customers?

By |2021-05-22T14:55:15-06:00March 22, 2021|

Expecting the best customer service is not just the right of customers, but a necessity. With buyer preferences constantly changing and evolving, contact center quality monitoring is not only a goal to be achieved but rather a continuous journey of optimization. As a result, organizations must always fine-tune their quality monitoring parameters to ensure that they stay effective.

How did Omnichannel Customer Experience Evolve in 2020?

By |2021-05-22T14:59:10-06:00December 15, 2020|

In the past few years, omnichannel customer experience (CX) has quickly evolved as a core part of CX. Brands that design and deliver an omnichannel customer experience have better opportunities to attain and leverage their CX insights. Those businesses have been recognized for achieving higher customer retention rates compared to companies that do not offer omnichannel options for their customers.

How does Social Media Boost Customer Experience?

By |2021-05-22T15:14:32-06:00August 7, 2020|

Those of us who are in leadership understand how important the customer experience is and the potential ripple effect that can take place due to a satisfied or unsatisfied customer. Today’s business environment is full of tough competitors. Offering an excellent customer experience is an effective way to compete in the market and stand out amongst competitors as a valued brand to do business with.

Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence – The ‘Winning Formula’ to Deliver Remarkable Customer Experience

By |2020-05-20T00:00:33-06:00May 20, 2020|

If I were to ask a bunch of people the last time they had a really great experience as a customer, it ...

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