Etech Recognized in 10 Most Recommended Quality Management Solutions by Insights Success

Nacogdoches, TX – February 6, 2018 – Etech Global Services,a leading business provider of customer engagement is proud to have been recognized by Insights Success magazine as one of “The 10 Most Recommended Quality Management Solution Providers, 2018” in an article titled “Etech: Individuals Driven by Human Intelligence and Technology for Perfect Synergy.”

Focusing on various sectors of business, Insights Success provides invaluable reports on today’s latest Quality Management Solution Providers and innovative business solutions, products, and services. The magazine monitors news, recognition, and achievements made by quality management companies across the globe, and employs customer surveys to assess companies’ growth, market position, and social media presence. Based on this data, Insights Success named Etech Global Services as among the 10 Most Recommended Quality Management Solution Providers for 2018.

This issue will reach to more than 95,000+ qualified subscribers of their in print and apart from this they also have 250,000 unique online visitors per month.
Etech has always believed in “Listening to the client, acting with integrity, being genuine, and creating an effortless experience for the client’s customers”. Etech’s approach to quality is such that simply checking the boxes is not enough; our focus is on reducing customer effort, and improving processes to further enhance customer experience. This accolade reflects Etech’s innovativeness and dedication to unlocking how the transition from quality assurance to quality experience is achieved.

“For the last 20 years, Etech has proved to be a one-stop shop provider for inbound, outbound, chat, social media management, and quality assurance services. Etech Global Service’s most valuable addition, when compared to other contact centers, is Etech Insights. Etech combines the best of quality technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to deliver both the data and the intelligence needed to make high impact business decisions and coaching strategies,” said Etech’s President and General Manager, Matt Rocco.

“Etech is all about the people and understands that Human Intelligence is the differentiator in customer service Vs Customer Experience. Etech focuses on all aspects of quality and customer experience. Etech provides a creative combination of people, process and technology to deliver a quality experience that supports all facets for our client’s business. Etech combines human intelligence and warmth with the knowledge discovery power of AI to identify performance enhancing behaviors and voice-of-customer insights that are not easily identifiable through traditional quality management,” said Etech’s Chief Customer Officer, Jim Iyoob.

Etech provides cradle-to-grave insights that encompass user experience, agent experience, coaching recommendations and marketing intelligence.

About Etech Global Services

Etech Global Services is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands. They trust Etech with their most precious assets – their customers. Why? Because Etech’s commitment to continuous improvement, next-generation technology, and empowering people results in a solution that drives customer experience and reduces effort. Voice, quality monitoring, chat, social media, and email, Etech is here to communicate with your customers when and how they choose.

Etech believes in making a remarkable difference for you and your customers. Etech’s industry-leading technology services, like Etech Insights division, provide you with analytics and insights into your customer interactions. Etech’s services enable you to enhance customer experience, increase sales results, meet all corporate governance requirements, and obtain a competitive edge over your competition allowing you to increase market share.


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