Etech Sponsors 13 Malcom Rector Technical High School Students

Nacogdoches, TX – January 25, 2016, Director of Nacogdoches ISD Technical Training Center Bob Coker, and Nacogdoches ISD Community Development Specialist, Crystal Capps, met with Etech President/COO, Matt Rocco and Vice President of Human Resources, Veronica Chimney. Etech presented 13 Malcom Rector Technical High School students with scholarships to attend Angelina College course that are available at TTC.

These scholarships are specifically for MRTHS students to attend the Soft Business Skill Course offered. The course is designed to address the lack of fundamental skills possessed by applicants and young employees in the workforce today. Employers expect job seekers and employees to have a good attitude to have a productive work ethic, and to behave in businesslike manner. These important soft skills have been lost over time and are impacting harmony and profits in our workplace, and negatively impacting our ability to provide high quality service to our customers. TTT conjunction with Angelina College and Work Force Solutions offers a comprehensive training module to set higher workplace expectations.

The Etech scholarships will allow these students to advance further. This opportunity given to these students is greatly appreciated and highly valued. “I was happy to get the scholarship because I think it will help me with my restaurant management goal. The course is teaching me several valuable things. I’m learning better communications skills, better customer service skills, and I’ve learned that identifying my own weakness and being willing to fix them is important to employers”, said MRATHS junior, Aaron Hall.

“After visiting with teachers and employers around the county, the benefits were obvious; the only questions was how to pay for it. So, I reached out to our Communications Department for help,” said Coker. Bob came to me needing help enrolling some of the MRTHS students in soft skills. It was a great opportunity to connect one of the Nacogdoches’ top employers to a class that prepares students for the workforce. Capps concluded by saying, “Etech is always eager to help Nacogdoches Independent School District in any way they can.”

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Direct Contact: Veronica Hill Chimney
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