Wellbeing Leadership Suggestions

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Here is a Special Edition of the Leading from the Front podcast featuring Etech's President & CEO, Matt Rocco Sr.. He has shared some amazing Wellbeing Leadership Suggestions to Fight with COVID 2019. The recent pandemic is causing a lot of chaos and economic disruption for organizations across America and the world. Hear the message he offered to help face this challenge through these principles: 1) Lead with facts, not fear 2) Surface and dispel rumors 3) Don’t forget about the human connection 4) Focus on self-care 5) Make plans for recovery.

Setting Big Goals- Leadership Podcast

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Listen to Etech's, COO, Kaylene Eckels, as she describes the importance of 'playing your position' on the team and how she grew into her present executive role of a 3000 person multi-national company. She sets BIG GOALS! Hear how she does this with the company vision – To make a remarkable difference for each other, our customers, and within our communities.

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